Welcome To Bonjour Skin NZ

Bonjour Skin NZ is a Natural Creamy Moisturizer Skincare for the whole body (face, body, and scalp) specifically designed for dry, cracked, flaky, itchy, and sensitive skin. Offering natural ingredients that are rich in nourishing, skin-smoothing, softening and soothing that came from natural plants, trees, worker bees, and the planet we live in.

Bonjour Skin NZ is a rebranded company founded in New Zealand. Growing tired of skin products with harmful chemicals and not sufficient enough to restore and moisturize very dry skin.  The founder formulated her own natural creamy moisturizer to manage her skin condition with dry, cracked, flaky and itchy skin and scalp on a daily basis.

The naturally formulated moisturizing creamy balm skincare nourishes, restores and soothes dry, flaky, cracked and itchy skin and scalp.